Systems which are user friendly and just simple enough to use are mostly preferable by people far and wide. In order to give a complete experience like no other there must be some unique features. Android is one such operating system which takes users experience to a different level. Below are some points which describes why android is so desirable among all other.

User friendly:

One of the best user experiences can be had over the android operating system. There is so much to explore with so little to do. Android has provided its consumers the freedom to choose over a large number of choices present to make user experience in phone easier. It provides access to the system with a very simple procedure. More and more user is using this system of the accessibility and performance power. There is a guide provided to first time users to easily access the operating system.


Android provides performance to its user to a different level. It provides a lot of apps like games, music, videos without interruption to the user. The system has a lot of flexibility to gel into any device cheap or expensive. With more and a more developments made every day in the field of technology the performance of this system keep increasing.

Customizable UI:

The interface of this operating system can be customized as will with a lot of widgets from the market. The user can give it a look of their desire. With the help of these the access to major apps in the phone is done by just one click which is very beneficial and time saving. The user system is for all ages as there is viewing choice to be customized as will. With the help of the open market apps can be downloaded to increase efficiency and looks.

Frequent innovations:

Android has made it possible for people to put forward their innovation in front of a wide audience. With the market to explore all these goodies there are a lot of innovations coming up every day. As the user base is very wide almost covering the whole world there is possibility of something new to make experience even better.

Multiple prices of product in the market:

Unlike other manufacturers android has the flexibility to gel in almost all kinds of mobile from the cheapest to the most expensive. A lot of manufacturers are present who are providing these services on their device. This has also increased the customer base in all parts of the world making android operating system the best operating system. This has given chance to many small companies to bring forward their creation of new designs with android system on it.

NFC magic:

With the introduction of NFC the experience of android has crossed all bounds of success. NFC has helped many nations to have cashless transactions and is also believed to be the future wallet. Apart from this NFC helps in the fastest transfer from other mobiles enabled with the same.  Seeing all these benefits a lot of users have moved to android experience over the past years.

Cheaper apps than all other:

Android provides app to their user which are much cheaper than other operators. The market also has a lot of apps which can be downloaded for free. This helps explore new possibilities in the phone. With the help of apps there is more freedom to the internet access. Users can purchase as well as download from the market to explore all possibilities of their devices. With the help of market experience daily work has become easier to handle with notifications and alerts and notes to remind all events.

Future wearable:

Google has announced a lot of wearable that are arriving like smart watches to sync with the phone. This will make accessibility more easy and frequent. A lot of the notification then can be seen without the need to see the phone. These watches will have all information including the time. All these possibilities have made more users to choose this system and will also do in the future. The price of these wearable’s are much nominal to the services provided by them.

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